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One of the decorative wall brackets used to support heavy loads and weights are known as Corbels. Traditionally made of wood, stone and plaster, the manufacture of Corbels has recently advanced to more significant and modern materials, such as polymers, which have been designed to award the Corbels the appearance of traditional plaster moulds but minimize the heavy weight factor imbued with them. In medieval architecture, Corbels were a common feature, and are still being used in buildings and modern housing. In the past however, they were restricted to wood and stone and simple designs. Today, their style has evolved; the fairly basic features have heightened into designer and elaborate makes, and with this evolution in Corbels, they have come to strike a huge influence upon the architectural features that the house and designing industry holds.

As established earlier, in the present day, corbels have a lot of variations in style and structure. The shapes and sizes have undergone differentiation; a lot of experimentation has been done with display, and resultantly, even reproductions of the classic corbels have been produced to aid the vintage lovers in their choice to select just the appropriate corbel they need to suit the specific era they want to replicate. One of the reasons why earlier corbels had a simple and less elaborate appearance is probably because they served a practical purpose. History shows that Norman or Romanesque corbels were usually plain and attributed of only simple designs with animals and flowers. With the progression of time, new designs were tried. Animals other than rams or rabbits were drawn; human heads and beasts began to appear and so did many mythical creatures, owing to the creativity of the human mind. The Corbels manufactured in France and Italy used to be often larger and more elaborate. This brought about a new function to the corbels –to be used as decorative materials. Of the most famous and most popular themes is the foliage accompanied by volutes, with spirals and twists carved into corbels, and is so typical that it is featured in many modern buildings and homes, still!

At homes, corbels are usually used to provide extra support to shelves and are highly recommended in case you plan on placing weights or heavy items on them. Books, large ornaments etc. usually require extra support when displayed on lighter shelves. Also, corbels are extremely handy for supporting countertops and tables with surfaces that extend over the edge. As mentioned before, Corbels are used for decorative purposes too, and can be integrated into the walls as an architectural display, both indoors and outdoors.

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